Wednesday, June 22, 2022

माल - वाहक


MWQ 965
अकोला - पुणे हा जलद रूट गाजविणारी अकोला विभागातली १९८५ ची राणी.
आता नागपूर विभागात "माल - वाहक"
मध्यवर्ती कार्यशाळा दापोडी निर्मित मूळ बस.
विभागीय कार्यशाळा, नागपूरने बसचे रूपांतर ट्रकमध्ये केले.

३७ वर्षांनंतरही अजून अविरत सेवा देणारा खराखुरा, सच्चा सेवक.

MWQ 965

TATA 1210
"माल - वाहक" i.e. Goods Carrier by MSRTC. Serving MSRTC for 37 long years.
Originally a bus built by MSRTC's Central Workshop Dapodi, Pune.
It must have been built in 1984-85. Served as a passenger bus in Akola division. It had ruled Akola Express Pune route for number of years.
After the end of its codal life as a bus, Nagpur divisional workshop converted it into a truck. At present it is used for MSRTC's departmental works i.e. carrying remoulded tyres, other goods to and fro departmental workshop at Ganeshpeth and central workshop at Hingna.

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