Monday, December 29, 2008

Bye 2008 and Welcome 2009

Its time to bye 2008 and welcome,with numerous hopes, to 2009. Every year we welcome the new year with same zeal and commitment. At the end of the year it senses about a large period gone. 31st December and 1st January are 24 hours like any two days out of 365. But they mean differently for all of us and give us the feeling of getting older by 1 year.

When I think about 2008, it had a great impact on India. Especially after 26/11 every one of us started feeling more and more insecure. Earlier in the year feeling of insecurity was there due to economic crisis in US and its repercussions in India. The rosy picture of our economy turned violet as the share market started getting the blues. Too much dependence on FII has taken its toll.

Friends, our economy is not all about the share market indices. We are agrarian economy and its high time for the educated youth in India to think about the problems related to agriculture and come out with some solution to it. We have great brains amongst us and the workforce was never a peoblem in a populous country like us.

Lets hope that 2009 will bring us the ways to overcome the fear and insecurity.

Welcome 2009. We see a brighter future in you.

Personally ,I made some resolutions for 2009.

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