Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How to celebrate the 31 st?

This question was not at all there till 1985-86 with the common people(read : Indian middle class). It used to be like any other day. Its altogether a different story 1986 onwards. With the advent of Doordarshan in almost every part of India slowly the culture to celebrate 31 st started creeping in and now its an event. I have no objection on the celebrations but have a strong reservations against the ways of celebrations.

Friends I know that this seems to be the very orthodox thought but in this era, celebration necessarily comes with the hard drinks, which is wrong. I know that the persons with this opinion are in minority but its alarming to have the Indian youth inclined towards the drinking without thinking about its ill effect.

Earlier the drunkards used to be seen in a different perspective in our society. Once this practice started getting sugar coating in the name of " Social Drinking" it started getting popular. Nobody feels anything wrong in drinking. And it is so popular now a days that a teatotaller is seen in a different perspective. This is disturbing. This practice has reached our younger generation and that may spoil the nation in days to come.

Why drinks are required to celebrate an event? Why drinks are required to forget your sorrows? Aren't these people making themselves weaker by not facing the sorrows and accepting the gifts from the life without drinks? Are the ill effects of drinks have been forgotten just for a foolish concept of social recognition? Aren't there better and valid ways to gain the social recognitions?

Celebrate the new year in a fresh mood and not with the HangOver of the 31st night. Lets make a fresh begining. Lets check our moral values and our concepts for the celebrations.

Friends think over it. Though in minority today, I hope to be in majority in my lifetime.

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