Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hi friends,
Started with the new year. We all need some reason to start afresh. 1/1 is the date that provides us the reason. Everything is fresh right from the sunrise and morning tea to diary writing while retiring in the night. Most of you must have felt that we are so eager to write the diary that we feel that we should fill up the pages on 2/1 and even 3/1 on the first day itself.

For those who can not keep up their words to themselves and miss this opportunity, the next day is Gudhi padawa(The Hindu New Year Day). They will pretend to be orthodox and will strongly advocate to follow the Indian New Year to start the good things.

If this deadline is also missed the other opportunities will keep on coming to the persons as Ramnavami, 1/6 (Start of the new academic year), may be the birthday, Dasara,Diwali and so on.

This is not important. In one's heart,this feeling of need to improve is more important. Some day or the other that person will find proper timing to start. That will be the First January for the person. In fact once that succeds every day will be a fresh begining, every day will be the First January.

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