Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The day of oddies at Nagpur bus stand and Parivartan bus.part 1

Dear Friends,

As it was promised in the beginning of the year, I found this Sunday a bit free to enjoy bus fanning at Nagpur Bus stand. As soon as I entered from the north end I noticed Nagpur-Ramtek bus. It was MH-20 passing and was TATA. Aurangabad W/S started building TATA chasis.

In the last two odd years I oberved that the Vidarbha region is getting catered by Aurangabad buses instead of Pune (Dapodi W/S buses,MH-12 passing). The reason may be that the Aurangabad W/S started building TATA and in Vidarbha one can find ST buses only on TATA. The no. of buses from Pune has reduced substantially.

I went to soutern side of the stand to find typical Aurangabad Leyland from parali depot parked.

The phone no that was displayed on the front was an odd thing. This bus will ply on some local routes around Nagpur in the day before returning to Parali in the evening. It is a good thought to share the bus as it happens in trains about rake sharing. One such sharing recently noted was Latur-Nagpur. Nagpur-Aheri and Aheri-Latur. This will reduce the losses due to idling of the bus throughout the day at Nagpur or at Aheri.The phone no. was still a mystery.

I looked towards the platforms and to my joy the two Parivartan buses were parked side by side. Both from Nagpur W/S and with different pattern.

The earlier bus was with split wind screen in the front while the new design has a single windscreen. I think this started from MH-40/8950 onwards and is getting continued in MH-40/N 8XXX series.The internal arrangement of both the buses is same and both are 2x2 seating.

I was praying for old Parivartan bus in 3x2 pattern to emerge and I was very lucky as Gondia- Yavatmal came in and just parked in front for the photo pose.
It was 3x2 seating arrangement and the front grill was not a typical TATA grill. For the reasons best known to the ST personnel the grill was modified for the prototype buses in all the three W/S. Thes buses were on the roads in the last year and later the decision was reversed to allow standard TATA or Leyland front grill. I think standard TATA grill looks beautiful.

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