Tuesday, December 21, 2010


काही काही दिवस असेच असतात की ठरवलेले एकही काम होत नाही. काही विशेष नसतानाही उगाच कामे रेंगाळतात. आजचा दिवस असाच. भाकड दिवस.
काल मी प्रवासाची जंत्री पोस्ट केली खरी पण त्यात फ़ॊर्मॆटिंग काही जमली नाही. But better late than never. सुरू तर करूयात म्हणून तसेच ठेवले. आता त्यात इतर प्रवासांच्या माहितीची भर घालेन. विशेषतः काही चित्तथरारक प्रवासांची.

Monday, December 20, 2010

पहिला मराठी लेखन प्रयत्न.

जेव्हा मी विचार केला की या वर्षात मी एकही किलोमीटर रेल्वेने प्रवास केला नाही तेव्हा माझ्या गेल्या काही वर्षांतील प्रवासांचा आढावा घेणे क्रमप्राप्त ठरेल. थोडक्यात ही जंत्री.
मधल्या काही वर्षांची बेरीज बाकी आहे. ती झाली की पूर्ण रिपोर्ट च पेश करुयात.

वर्ष रेल्वे प्रवास किमी. एकूण प्रवास किमी. रेल्वे प्रवास टक्केवारी
१९८९ ७७९४ १३६६७ 57.03
१९९० १०९७० १८७१५ 58.62
१९९१ १२०७६ १५७११ 76.86
१९९२ ५४०७ १०१२५ 53.4
१९९३ ४६४३ ११७५१ 39.51
१९९४ ५९९३ ९५१५ 62.98
२००२ २१९३६ २६२३८ 83.6
२००३ १२८२३ १६००६ 80.11
२००४ ८१९९ १६१९२ 50.64
२००६ २३७२४ ३१०३७ 76.44
२००७ ४७६९ ८९१४ 53.5
२००८ ४४२३ ८१३४ 54.38

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bye Bye 2010

Its a long time since I have written to express me. This year was a busy year for me and I observe myself more getting more inclined towards bus fanning than rail fanning. Not a single km rail journey this year. It is the first time since 1989 that I haven't paid anything to Indian Railways.
Very less visits to railway station in this year. 2011 will definitely be better as far as rail fanning is concerned.

Monday, January 4, 2010

First trip in 2010

Last year I owned Maruti Wagon R and most of my short distance travels were converted into the car travels. I like to drive the car and it is a fantastic vehicle. Prior to the car I adventured a few outings upto 100 kms with my Bajaj Chetak and then my Hero Honda Pleasure. The car travelled 6500 kms in just 3 months.
On 2nd January I planned a short trip to Durg and Raipur. Relatives to be visited and a function to attend at Raipur. Following are the jottings from my trip.
Place Kms arr/dep or passing time
Nagpur 0.00 -----/13.19
Manewada Gas Pump 6.10 13.33/13.43
Reshimbag 8.10 13.50/14.00
Bhandara 65.00 15.12
Bagh River (Chhattisgarh border) 149.00 17.03/17.23
Dhaba 150.00 17.25/17.55
Durg 243.90 20.23/-----

Place Kms arr/dep or passing time
Durg 0.00 -----/17.15
Devri Dhaba 110.3 19.49/20.25
Nagpur 255.0 23.25/-----

On 3rd morning I went to Raipur via the bye pass and came back to Durg in the afternoon. It was a four lane road but due to lack of proper planning and traffic awareness in the people the traffic was in a chaotic state. Even at the toll plaza the situation was not better. The work was slow and there were traffic jams.
Nagpur to Raipur NH6 is undergiong 4 laning work from Bhandara to Raipur and hence there were many diversions en route and I was able to maintain peak speed of about 80 to 85 kmph in some patches ranging from 2 to 10 kms. It was a fun journey and I enjoyed driving. After the completion of this work, Nagpur - Raipur stretch will be just like Pune - Kolhapur stretch on NH 4 and I hope I will be able to cover Nagpur - Durg in my car in just under 4 hours.
This week end overall journey was about 650 odd kms.